We develop educational tools that transform how people learn, what they learn, and who they learn with.

As a Global Creative Collective, we have discovered that creativity is multiplied when remixed with diversity.
Our teams of Cultural DJs package learning experiences that enable young people across the globe to develop their unique ability of thinking differently.

redmango was founded as a collaboration between two creative allies Norman Mayers and Susanne Heitz. In 2005 they decided to fuse their different personal experiences and cultivate the art of being unique together.



our partners include:

Caribbean Dyslexia Centre


First Caribbean Bank

University of the West Indies

Lockerbie College

International School in Hannover

Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology in Barbados

Barbados Community College

The Ministry of Education in Dominica

The Caribbean Advertising Federation
TEN Habitat

The Forestry and Wildlife Department in Dominica

Made By Dyslexia

Light Space and Time Studios
The Cameo Kollektiv


Zentrum für Kreative
Schule für Atmung und Bewegung

NuSoul Magazine

Blickpunkt TV
Lonsdale Saatchi + Saatchi
Kino im Künstlerhaus
Neue Schule für Fotografie

Kultur-und Kommunikationszentrum PAVILLION (Germany)
Video Symphony - School for Audio + Video Editing
Boesner Workshops und Seminare

WE LIFT LA Foundation

Landeshauptstadt Hannover Kulturbüro

Kaiser Family Foundation
Das Altenzentrum Karl-Flor



NCF Barbados