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"Just wow! Cultural DJ is amazing. Beautiful. Deep. Moving. I feel like I need to read it a bunch of times because the ideas are so simple and true and yet remarkable and new at the same time.

I loved it."

- Jenée Muyeau
- Film Editor

Our book Cultural DJ covers the creative strategies and essentials of remixing the world. It's a vibrant guidebook full of well-tested concepts that are applicable to anyone interested in the fusion of creativity and diversity.


With innovative insights and techniques, Creative Directors Norman Mayers and Susanne Heitz reveal a borderless creative movement based on collaboration.

"I loved Cultural DJ and the concepts it explores - especially 'Embracing the Strange' which should have been my mantra in life and something that I absolutely believe in as the core for creativity and growth. I found it to be inspiring and life enhancing and definitely a read I would recommend to my students"

Nicola Turner

Creative and Cultural Consultant


Georg May

TV and Radio Producer

"With the world growing smaller and more technologically connected, the authors are pointing to a way of being in the world that works. You will find many examples on how to increase your cultural competency and creativity. The graphics are wonderful too!
I highly recommend anyone interested in enhancing their sphere of influence, creativity,
ideas and connection to others read Cultural DJ and better yet, become one!"

Dr. Joel P. Martin

Diversity Coach and Consultant


"The book is fantastic. Brilliant!"

James Rankin

Creative Director

"The simple and impactful perspective will change the nature of the creative industry."

Israel Mallett

Creative Director

"Cleverly laid out, insightfully written and astonishingly simple yet powerful, this book explores a combination of approaches we sometimes take for granted. The idea that the power of collaboration and being open to letting the world, cultures and people inspire you will lead to heightened levels of creative expression and innovation is in itself simply powerful but narrowly elusive. This book forces us to examine our own perceptions and actions and opens up for the reader a treasure trove of creative possibilities through the journey and colourful life experiences of the authors.


Reading this truly forced me to look at how I engage with a renewed sense of openness but also allowed me to be unmistakably aware of what I and my own experiences can bring to a creative encounter that together allows us all to “Remix the world”! Caution: This book requires willing participants. Leave your preconceptions at the cover! "

Selwyn Cambridge

Business and Cultural Strategist

About the Authors


Norman is a lifelong ambassador to the borderless world of creativity. Since growing up in the Bronx during the early days of Hip-Hop, Norman has found countless ways to collaborate with other visual explorers, musical storytellers and creative nomads from across the globe.


Born with an extra dose of imagination, Susanne's creative approach has always been driven by her passion to discover and explore the unknown - connecting creativity, diversity and activism.

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