WHAT IF? We could develop a different approach to education that would nurture the next generation of creative leaders in the Caribbean?

The Creative Thinkers Lab is a borderless community of passionate creative educators who empower young people and transform the things that make them different... into the things that make them amazing.

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WHAT IF? We could develop a hub for DJs who remix the World?

Cultural DJ Radio, will be an online platform that shares music which is created by mixing, combining and fusing elements from different cultures.

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WHAT IF? We could build a library of films that remix the World?

BorderlessCreativityFilms.com will curate, share and produce films that remix creativity and diversity.


WHAT IF? Teams of Creators could redefine the concept of diversity on a global landscape?

BorderlessCreativity.org recognizes the most innovative projects focused on borderless creative collaboration.

WHAT IF? People who work in the Arts and fled or migrated to Germany could enter into a dialogue with their new neighbors?

The mukucity project was developed to remix the worlds of the many international artists who share their unique skills in creative hubs around the city of Hannover.

WHAT IF? Democracy could be strengthend through the Arts?

We helped create the E.U. funded project, ARTIVISM through a series of borderless collaborations between artists and activists that is discovering ways of using art as a vehicle to drive democracy.

WHAT IF? A refugee community and creators from across the world could create together?

We collaborated with the Cameo Kollektiv to produce a series of learning workshops along with a magazine that explored the meaning of 'Arrival'.

WHAT IF? Young people throughout the Caribbean community were involved in developing creative approaches to help curb the HIV/AIDS crisis?

While exploring the Art of being unique together, we partnered with the Kaiser Family Foundation in California and the Caribbean Broadcast Corporation to produce the LIVE UP campaign which lets young people throughout the Caribbean openly share their thoughts on HIV/AIDS.